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Info about my studio and music production accomplishments and capabilities coming soon...

Production / Recording / Programming

Computers, samplers, and software are now a big part of the music industry both live and in the studio.

For live applications I’m using the Yamaha DTX drum trigger system to drive an A-3000 Turbo sampler and the MD-4 mini disc recorder. That gives me 16 tracks of audio and endless midi programs at the kick of a footswich. This is the ultimate setup for real strings or flying backgrounds and offers an endless supply of drum sounds and effects for stage or studio at the push of a button.

If needed, I can increase to 32 tracks by using by using Pro Tools with a Mac G-4. I run Pro Tools in my studio and am doing Internet Recording Sessions daily through www.professionaldrumtracks.com.

Feel free to check it out or contact me regarding tracking in my studio.



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