drum Percussion:

I started playing percussion after I did a Japanese tour with Lenny Castro for a French artist named Clementine along with Jazz pianist Ben Sidran. Lenny showed me some stuff and we switched off on a few tunes. All of a sudden I was getting calls to play and was doubling up on sessions. I then went on the road with Bryan White playing percussion and drums as well as playing both on Bryan's two latest LP's. This continued and I hooked up with Latin Percussion soon after that to be a proud part of their players roster. Click here for more info about Latin Percussion.

On average I play almost as many gigs and sessions on percussion as I do on drums. My approach is different enough to make it original so people trying to develop a new sound seem to like what I do. I play congas, timbales, bongos, and all the hand held stuff like the cabasa, shaker, maracas, claves etc. I’ve studied players like Alex Acuna, Don Alais, and of course, Lenny Castro.

I’m in L.A. and Nashville often and am available for sessions, gigs, and tours. Drop me a line and don’t forget to check out the rest of the stuff as well as links to some of the artists I’ve played with.